10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(Sundays & Mondays by chance or by appt.)

Corner of Spring & Lawrence

Springfield, Illinois






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To celebrate our 9th Anniversary FMTF has been having a 90 Day FANTABULOUS sidewalk sale that started September 1, 2015. Stop by to see our wonderful selection of gifts, treasures and special finds ... While there please leave us your email address so that we can keep you informed of the sales, contests and promotions that we will be having to thank our valued customers for their patronage.
Webster's Disctionary defines "FANTABULOUS" as something that is"wonderfully good!" Fantabulous is a blend of the words "fantastic" and "fabulous"  and it first known use was in 1957.   The word is not just an adjective but a mindset and a lifestyle.  Like treasures that you will find at FMTF, the word describes something beyond beleif or expectation!!
FMTF 90 Day Fantabulous Sale!